NRL Pharma, Inc. is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical

and food company that is committed to supply enteric

lactoferrin, "PEG-lactoferrin," and ascochlorin derivatives.


Lactoferrin is a multi-functional protein derived from milk.

Because of its biological function, lactoferrin has been

widely used as a supplement in products such asinfant

formula and has a variety of health-care applications.









Various Effects of Lactoferrin

 Lactoferrin as a Drug





● Anti-metabolic Syndrome Effect of Lactoferrin

● Anti-aging Effects of Lactoferrin

● Antianxiety and Antinociceptive Effect of Lactoferrin

Because lactoferrin has various biological functions and

enteric coating technology has enabled the use of

lactoferrin in adults, there has recently been an

emerging reports on the clinical applications both in

human and companion animals.







Ascochlorin and its derivatives have a large variety of

pharmacological activities, including hypolipidemic

activity, suppression of hypertension, amelioration

of type II diabetes, immunomodulation, and anti-tumor