Original Equipment Manufacture Original Equipment Manufacture

「御社の名前(ブランド)で作ります。」We manufacture goods by your own company name (brand)

小ロットでのご提供も可能ですので、「健康食品の販売が初めて」という場合も安心です。 We already obtained Lactoferrin supplement, Why not make your own brand by utilizing this material?
As small lot production is possible, no worry for corporate which just originates health food business.

Original Design Manufacture Original Equipment Manufacture

「ゼロから一緒におつくりします。」We create from zero together.

まずはそこから教えてください。 From stage of establishing concept of products, supporting registration under Functional Food Labelling System, etc., up to obtaining recommendation by laboratory of influential university, We will support you together.
As NRL has kept good contact with university or research institute,
Making use of technology and various knowledge of material, We propose in line with your needs.
Please tell us what you are anxious or worrisome matters, Let’s start from such a point.

OEM / ODMの流れ

  1. 1.打ち合わせ・企画提案Business flow of OEM & ODM / Consultation and planning proposal

    ご要望のヒアリングを行い、新規素材の開発などを含めコンセプトづくりなどからご提案いたします。 Hearing your needs first, Proposing concept of goods including development of new material.

  2. 2.開発・試作品提出Submitting developed prototype

    試作品を作りご提案いたします。ご要望に合わせて仕様を変更いたします。(内容によっては契約が先行する場合もございます。) Submitting prototype in line with proposal. Fine tuning also in line with various requests. (Signing of the contract may come first, in case necessary.)

  3. 3.処方決定・見積Decision making for recipe and submitting estimates

    容器やパッケージも含めて最終の処方を決定し、お見積りを提出いたします。 Final decision making including design of container and package will be made and estimates will be provided.

  4. 4.ご契約・届出Signing contract and start supporting for registration matters

    正式発注に基づき契約をし、機能性食品などの各種申請書類を届出ます。 Official contract will be signed based on actual order and support for required registration will be taken place.

  5. 5.生産Production

    発注に基づき製品を生産いたします。 Products will be made under your order.

  6. 6.品質検査・納品Quality checking before final delivery

    製造した商品は工場の規格検査のみでなく、当社内でも検査を行います。安心安全な商品を納品いたします。 Products will not only be examined at the factory but also by NRL.
    Thus, safe and secured final goods will be delivered.

特許技術Industrial license

ラクトフェリンの製剤技術や用途に関し、多くの特許を保有しており、積極的に技術供与を行っております。 NRL is manufacturer with much focus on research and development.
World first tablet with enteric Lactoferrin characteristic was developed in 2000.
We keep industrial, various license in manufacturing procedure and usage to actively give license to other corporates.